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Corporate Identity Development Services

Brand Your Business

A brand is not just a logo. A brand is a set of assets that are created to accompany your logo to create a clear and consistent image of your brand. Often, these assets can include a vast array of items, such as graphic devices, stationery and brochures, that are presented in various fonts, sizes and colors. To ensure that your brand remains consistent and delivers the same strong message on each asset, a Corporate Identity System is necessary.

We start with getting to know you and your company after all, to understand how to help with your brand identity we need to know what you do, and what you want from your branding. From this, we can create a brief for the development of your corporate identity that will heighten perceptions of your brand and its services on a consumer level.

We can either help you to start from scratch with your corporate designs, giving you a complete overhaul and rebranding service, or we can work with your existing brand identity to ensure your business’s message is being delivered in the right way.

We understand that budgets are often tight, which is why we are happy to discuss the size of your Corporate Identity Systems in order to minimize the risk of problems in the future.

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