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Responsive Websites Services

Google really wants it !

Google wants to give it’s users the best possible experience, across multiple devices and responsive design is the best and most consistent way to achieve that so their current recommendations is to use responsive web design. So, by using responsive design on your site you are ensuring the highest level of trust in returning your site as a result for mobile and desktop users and the best possible experience for those users across multiple devices.

Spinifexe Media offer Responsive Website Design that formulates websites for the revolution of modern website design by making them stunning across multiple devices. With over 70% of all internet traffic now coming from a mobile device, it is essential that a website that can be viewed from any device; may be it a smartphone, tablet or a desktop computer.

If you’re planning your first web design, having a mobile friendly and responsive website should be at the top of your priorities.

Benefits Of Responsive Web Design
  • Improve google ranking
  • Higher conversions
  • Cost effective

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