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Data Mining services are a crucial part of business growth. The data mined can be for various reasons. On the Internet, the data is often unstructured and is difficult to find using simple search queries. Spinifexe Media, delivers the results of predictive models to all users in familiar, highly formatted, and interactive reports and documents.

Data Mining is a method of pulling information from the seemingly infinite number of locations on the web where it is stored.

Companies who need this specific web data will benefit greatly from the records they acquire. But, it can be a difficult and tricky task of extracting data from multiple web pages, parsing and re-assembling that information in forms that are useful and workable. Businesses may need to find online price comparison, weather data monitoring, website change detection, Web research, Web mashup and Web data integration.

We can help you with the following:

What we infuse in your website?
  • Data Collection or Data Extraction – collecting information based on client requirements from different websites by a manual or automated process.
  • Running customized scripts for data extraction or data capture from websites with huge volume of data which saves time and cost.
  • Populating information into desired output formats like SQL, XML, Spreadsheet formats, HTML, CSV or any other formats according to client requirements.
  • Creating mailing lists with information like contact name, title, company information, address, telephone, fax, contact email, website etc. for marketing campaigns, and advertisements.
  • Collecting product details like price, product description, quantity, and images or photos from other websites or product catalogs, and feeding them into content management systems or online portals.
  • Checking for product updates like prices, product availability or product specifications, which change frequently and updating the database of e-commerce websites.

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